50 Incredibly helpful websites every colleger should know about.

Plenty of students run around the internet in pursuit of answers and additional academic and non-academic information in a quest for more valuable and refined knowledge. We went out of our way to avail a list of the 50 most visited sites offering solutions based on our research. The list will arguably include websites vouched for by a majority of the interviewees for the value they offer.

1. Quizlet

 Offering more than one specified topic or subject in all fields of study, Quizlet
bears answers to very many attempted questions in different courses. This would include all
sciences and languages alike; this platform serves as a hub for past papers where students can
freely research and compare notes. Statistically, 88% of the reviews we received from the users
of this website indicated that they managed to get the help they sought and were content.
Link - http://quizlet.com

2. Grammarly.

Grammarly happens to be in use by both students and professionals in their
day to day lives. As the title goes, Grammarly is best known for its editing skills as it polishes up
the sentence structure used and the grammar of the work in context. This would include
providing proofreading services to already typed work and punctuation perfection. In simpler
terms, Grammarly simplifies the writing process by offering guidelines on what is right.
Link - http://www.grammarly.com

3. Employ A Professor

It's a scholarly platform frequented by post graduate students who as the name suggests hire unemployed professors for professional academic assistance. They specialize mainly in handling research proposals, thesis papers and dissertations. They're known to offer quality and professional work.


4. Mathway.

Our fourth item on the list would be Mathway.com. Best known for its ability to solve mathematical problems. This is highly regarded since it not only solves the problems but also offers a clear guide as to how to work out the problems step by step. This is quite additive in
value as the student gets to kill two birds with one stone. Solving the problem means you get to hand in your work and get a good score while the step by step procedure makes sure the student can learn and even possibly practice often to better and perfect their prowess in math.
Link - https://www.mathway.com/

5. Lifehacker – if you ask most folks how they learned during their time they would tell you
the world has more to offer currently via the internet compared to their time. Get to read on posts
that offer hacks to a better life at an early stage that way when your time to take the wheel
comes; you’ll have the upper hand.
Link- https://www.lifehacker.co.uk


6. Google

You must have expected this to pop up. Well, here it is. Google undoubtedly can be
classified as a mother to most if not all answers. Through google, all these other platforms get a
chance to share whatever information they need to issue out. Most people often google anything
that comes to mind to have a hint or be forwarded to another site with insights. College students

are not left out in this case. They stand counted as by our research google recorded 100% usage
at least once a day by our interviewees.
Link - http://www.google.com

7. Quora

Quora, just like most educational sites, allows for the exchange of information. It
bears a strict policy where the kind of answers shared should be standard and of good quality.
This way, students with questions can pose them, and in exchange, the research team will help
solve the listed problems. It involves sharing as an individual is also able to contribute and share
an answer or an opinion.
Link- https://www.quora.com/

8. Wikipedia – Wikipedia needs no introduction as it is known to all. It takes the eighth
position in our list. Regarded as the world’s virtual encyclopedia, it bears so much information
which is open to editing. This is both positive as it means updates are often made on any
searches, it, however, means that there can be instances where the information availed might be
manipulated if a proven source does not back it up. Wikipedia as a site, however, offers a lot to
the general public and will do students more good than harm.
Link - https://www.wikipedia.org

9. Koofers – so how about a site that gives you all the information you need and still offers
you an internship opportunity at your disposal. Most students often want to clear school then
look for a job. But what if you could study and probably sharpen your skills at the same time?
Koofers offers you that chance. On that note, we believe it makes the ninth position on the list.
Get to share and gain knowledge while undergoing an open assessment for possible future

Link- https://www.koofers.com

10. Chegg – Offers diverse solutions to most problems that students need to solve. Regarding
past papers and previously answered questions, Chegg offers step by step solution with
methodology listed. They also avail information gathered from all referential books getting rid of
the cost one would require to pay for all these books in school. In simple language, Chegg is a
hack, and it does save lives.
Link - https://www.chegg.com

11. Turnitin

Education is an asset, best attained via integrity. We all know that feeling we get
when a job we did is given the right credit it deserves. Through this platform, integrity is upheld
as Turnitin offers the services whereby plagiarism control is brought to effect. Ensuring that the
presented work is authentic and the sources used are in sync. Turnitin, therefore, definitely is a
site that college students have to identify with.
Link - https://www.turnitin.com

12. Scribd – this website serves as an online digital library. It is termed to be the largest of its
kind in the world. Their services include the availability of magazine, books, audiobooks, and
other sufficient documents. The knowledge made available by this site is of high regard and
could be helpful in a college student’s life if tapped and used in the right manner.
Link- https://www.scribd.com

13. Khan Academy- It offers a wide array of answers to all academic problems. Being a non-
profitable organization, students who seek to benefit from this can easily do it as it offers an

educative platform which ensures all the tools needed for smooth learning are made available.
Through Khan Academy, we could say learning is enjoyable and comes at a cost close to none.
Link- https://www.khanacademy.org

14. YouTube – the power of YouTube cannot be underestimated in this modern day
technological world. Through YouTube, creation of short informative and educative videos has
seen tremendous growth in the industry. This has led to many educators conveying information
through these channels. It is, therefore, wise for students to not only use it for entertainment
purposes but also to spread, share, and gain knowledge.
Link- https://www.youtube.com

15. Mentalfloss – what do you do with your free time? Ever considered just reading interesting
facts over the internet? Well, this site is your forte when it comes to that. You’d be surprised by
what you’ll find here. Always remember knowledge is power.

Link - https://mentalfloss.com

16. Fiverr – provides a freelancing opportunity to any interested party. This means that for a
student who has skills and is willing to make some pocket money, it could be an avenue to
sharpen your skills while earning and building your brand to be better as it will be reflective in
your rating. An individual can also hire a freelancer to help out with specific tasks, e.g. a
marketing student can pay a graphics designer to help him develop a template to something he
intends to use in his project (borrowing of ideas for a fee)
Link - http://fiverr.com


17. Ted– after a long day at school, one can relax their mind while going through an array of
ideas shared in this website. Read about success stories of other people and how they managed to
pull it together. Ted offers nothing short of that. Having a virtual first-hand experience through
the stories shared, a college student’s mind is meant to grow that way you don’t just graduate
with an academic qualification but an ability to solve complex matters if called upon to.
Link- https://www.ted.com


18. Bloomberg – in this modern day world, we often struggle to keep up with events both
internally and abroad. A good student is often aware of what happens around the globe this way
from a business view; you get to perceive the whole globe as one market. What better way to
access the articles and news that offers in-depth information, you would ask? With avid
professional writers, Bloomberg boasts of
Link - https://www.bloomberg.com

19. InstaGrok - what if you had the opportunity to make learning interesting? Would you take
it? This what InstaGrok will do if you embrace it, since it opens up topics in a visual manner,
presenting knowledge interactively. This methodology makes it easy for students to personalize
their learning process through the vast array of tools on offer. Therefore, it makes it easier to
grasp important concepts and translate that into pleasant grades that both you and the
stakeholders in your life would be proud of.
Link - https://www.instagrok.com

20. Study blue – just like most of the aforementioned sites, they offer an online platform for
students to access online class notes from books in their catalog. They also offer a close look at
flashcards, which undoubtedly are very helpful to any students who intend to better their grades

or become a better student for that matter. It, therefore, comes highly recommended by several
individuals and could be a worthy investment if one spends his/her time visiting it.
Link- https://www.studyblue.com

21. Dictionary.com - great command of language is necessary to guarantee a good interaction
with people. Through the Dictionary. Com students can learn both new worlds and explore the
further meaning of vocabulary they come across in their learning expedition. Therefore it is
highly recommended that an individual should always possess the interest to learn something
new in light of this context. Where else could you get this experience if not here?
Link- http://www.dictionary.com

22. Duolingo – if there’s one thing we all get intrigued by it is the possibility of learning a new
language. For some reason, one gets the sense of belonging to whichever cultural background the
language hails from. With Duolingo comes an opportunity to learn different languages on an
online platform and in an enjoyable manner. Receiving immediate grades and having incentives
in the form of virtual coins, one can unlock new levels. They also have an app to simplify access.
It would be right to say each student needs to at least familiarize with this site
Link - https://www.duolingo.com

23. Campusgrotto – Not many people can attest that they had a clear insight as to what
college life would be like or what it would offer. Most people who’ve been through it will tell
you they got to experience it first, while others will tell you whatever they anticipated wasn’t
what they got. From this website, you get to learn a lot, including how to ace your tests not to
mention still get financial and intuitive advice to make you a better student. You, therefore, get

survival tips on how to fit into the circles and what to do if faced with a certain situation. Every
college student should visit this site.
Link - http://campusgrotto.com

24. Cash crate – as a student, getting some money in your pocket or wallet is a top priority.
From this website, you don’t need to keep asking for money from home better, yet whatever you
get from there, you can save up. From this site, you get to be paid to take surveys and share your
opinion. This is arguably the best way to make money, I mean to give an opinion for a living? I
know of many people who would fancy this opportunity. Don’t be left behind.
Link - https://www.cashcrate.com

25. Swagbucks – sharing a similar platform as the above-listed website, Swagbucks also offers
an opportunity to earn from surveys. Sharing your opinion allows you to understand how the
world thinks in comparison to how you think and offer insight into your beliefs versus theirs.
College students can use this to sharpen their interactive skills while getting some upkeep money
from it all the same.
Link- https://www.swagbucks.com

26. Amazon – arguably appears in the top ten most visited sites in the world. Of what
importance would this be to a college student you would ask? For one, you get the opportunity to
rent or buy textbooks. You can also sell textbooks you already have utilized. It’s an online
market that offers a good platform to gather and dispose of knowledge at free will at the expense
of your financial capabilities. All students should make an effort to visit learn and understand
how it works.

Link - https://www.amazon.com

27. Vital source – categorized as an online bookshelf, they offer e-textbooks. This ensures a
college student can save on the cost incurred to purchase textbooks. You get to browse by
subjects making it easy to navigate the site. This warrants smart studying as you can learn from
the comfort of your phone in any unwatched space. Basically, in simpler terms, the library comes
to your phone.
Link - https://www.vitalsource.com

28. Follet – different schools have different requirements. So what if I told you that you could
get whatever your school asks for from this site if your school happens to be listed. I know it
sounds unreal, I could hardly believe it myself till I visited the page. For all your coursework
material, this site offers the answers both as an online franchise and in-store. Students should
consider visiting it to validate this information.
Link – https://www.follett.com

29. Bigwords – here we are again with another good website that has offers on textbooks. The
cost of education is undoubtedly high as we have to make a purchase of books, pay for tuition
fee, and yet pay for other miscellaneous expenses that at the time we don’t even understand their
importance. However, of all these costs, this one can be tamed and controlled; therefore, getting
an opportunity to land books at a cheaper price could mean your fee is somehow waived
compared to the other scholars. It is therefore highly recommendable that a student takes time
and reviews this site to be able to ascertain if their prices are the best as stated, thereby
comparing notes in a bid to limit cost.
Link - http://www.bigwords.com


30. The skimm – we all need information in life since it ensures we stay knowledgeable.
Through this website, you get to subscribe to newsletters that ensure you get to have this
information at your disposal. You have experts who will take you on a journey on how to skim
anything, including your life. This is a skill that we must possess in this modern day world. No
student can afford being left behind.
Link - http://www.theskimm.com

31. Google scholar – while undertaking academic writing, student are expected to refer to
sources that are listed on a scholarly basis. Through this website, you should consider your work
simplified. By keying in the definitive titles of your articles and journals, the site will bring you
all the scholarly articles that you can peruse and refer to. That way, it ensures students don’t go
about reading from and citing sources that are not validated. In my opinion, it is one of the best if
not the best.
Link - http://scholar.google.com

32. Thesaurus.com – words can be tricky. Language seems to evolve on a daily basis, and
with new additions to the dictionary, one has to keep up. Through Thesaurus, you get to explore
both new words and existent words with their synonyms. It offers an exciting platform as one
word will lead to you wanting to know another. It extends and amplifies the desire to learn more.
This should be a good addition to any student’s collection of treasured websites.
Link- https://www.thesaurus.com

33. Citation machine – Crediting one’s work is by far the noblest thing a human being can do.
Through this website, this is made possible, as an individual can cite and reference any borrowed
information in their work. Through their guidance, it makes it easy not to skip any step. That

way, a student gets to learn the art itself and in the long run, understands the importance of doing
it. With the help of this website, it is easy for a student to use all the academic formats acceptable
as they are all offered at his/her disposal.
Link - http://www.citationmachine.net

34. Buzz feed – all work and no play make work rather boring if you ask me. On that note, as
much as our main purpose in school is to study, we also meant to grow mentally and socially.
What better way to do this than through BuzzFeed. Media information and entertainment news
do help break the monotony of math and science all through, after all, we get to build our
character based on this aspect of life anyway. If you need to take a little break from academics to
flex your brain muscles a bit, I recommend you visit BuzzFeed.
Link - https://www.buzzfeed.com

35. Cite this for me – citing and referencing information has never been made easier. This
website offers an automated system where all you do is input the little information you have of
the borrowed document, and the site runs a background check and lists the citation needed on
your behalf. Who would rather do it manually if there’s a simplified version that saves up on
time? In any case that your document is not listen, then a student would then have to do it
manually. Time is money, they say. It’s the only resource that cannot be recycled.
Link - http://www.citethisforme.com

36. Owl Purdue - are you interested in learning how to format your work? Are you interested
in perfecting the art of crediting sources used in your work? Then we have an answer to your
problem through this site. With an element of enthusiasm, you get to learn how to do all these on

your own manually. It will make you a better student and a better individual in the near future as
it offers a sense of independence.
Link- https://owl.purdue.edu

37. College humor – what if you learned that the college experience you get is almost the
same as what somebody else goes through, what if you learned that probably somebody else has
it rougher than you. Would it make you feel any better? Would it mend your ill attitude towards
college? A visit to this page could give you the validation you seek. It will make you appreciate
college and enjoy your stay there since people grow and you will miss your time in college. Not
to mention inspire the creativity in you thanks to the exposure and insights you get here.
Link - http://www.collegehumor.com

38. Facebook – in whatever capacity we intend to serve after school, and while still in school,
we need to have a social relationship with our communities. Though Facebook, it is made easier
to connect with people and build circles. It is, therefore, advisable that college students should be
brought up to speed on the importance of social circles and their importance in business.
Therefore, visiting this site helps build that.
Link - http://www.facebook.com

39. Online convert – through this website, students get the ability to convert whatever
information they need into whichever formats they may prefer. This could include documents,
audio files, and video files. To be able to submit or share them in the most relevant forms. As
much as this may not be used daily, I believe students can benefit from it directly.
Link - https://www.online-convert.com


40. WorldWideScience – the amount of data on this website is immense. All the possible
scientific books and papers you could imagine appear in your detailed search. For any lover of
knowledge, this would be an immensely great addition.
Link - https://worldwidescience.org

41. Iseek – through this website, one is exposed to the vast degree of knowledge that lies
around. You get to absorb it all to your fill. Knowledge is power.
Link - http://www.iseek.com

42. edX – get a chance to enroll in online courses and learn from anywhere with partnerships
with several universities considered to be the best across the globe. With a wide range of courses
in science, business, art, humanities, psychology, and many others, an individual can get a
chance to be schooled by the best. Just in case you are wondering how to get an online degree.
Here is a solution.
Link- https://www.edx.org

43. Pinterest – We all seek inspiration from other people’s work then add whatever drive we
have in order to achieve our goal. With the use of Pinterest, students can be able to see the
dynamics of hard work and effort put in by others. They can gather inspiration in general and
know what concepts to work around.
Link - https://www.pinterest.com

44. Forbes – when it comes to all matters finance, this website which represents Forbes the
magazine offers insights on who is who in which industry and offers leads as to where the
business industry is headed, this can benefit students in determining their interests.

Link - https://www.forbes.com

45. Natgeo- Flora, and fauna make up the ecosystem as they all depend on one another for
existence. A college student should have a clear understanding of this. With the notion that we
should leave the world a better place than we found it, an in-depth visit to this site will educate
an individual as to the real jungle life.
Link - https://www.nationalgeographic.com

46. Espn – Sports in our modern day life has offered jobs, rehabilitation activities and helped
maintain health standards through its fitness programs. For all college sports lovers, the
information on this platform could be used to your advantage. Bettering both your life as an
individual and the life of others close to you. Insightful knowledge of sports gives you a seat at
the table in all social gatherings which translates to a status quo as a brand.
Link - http://www.espn.com

47.College Info Geek.

It's a site built by a renowned youtuber, Thomas Frank where he offers practical tips on how to study more effectively and ace your exams. His emphases are on working smart, not hard. He delineates the process of studying and memorization and packages this information succinctly and palatably. 



48. Skill share 

By now you must have heard of it . We live in an age of knowledge and digital connectivity and as such one can easily learn something knew or acquired a skill one has always fancied. "Learning for learning's sake." This is a one stop shop for you to hone or acquire skills you've always wanted whether simply as a hobby or for monetization of the skill.



49. WolframAlpha – the last item on the list marks a computational intelligence site that
offers solutions to all sorts of academic problems in all possible fields. Offering a variance is an
added advantage in this case, as most students fancy being able to solve different problems in
one place.
Link - https://www.wolframalpha.com


50.Geek My Homework

Last but not least, yours truly...For all your needs concerning homework that you have difficulty crunching, Geek My Homework is your refuge. It's the leading assignment help website globally. It's internationally acclaimed and a true lifesaver for students who are either too busy with other responsibilities or overwhelmed by a deluge of assignments. It offers a variety of options, including dissertations/ online classes/ research papers and test solutions. It comes in handy for assignments you might need help with that have short deadlines. We're well known for our professionalism and efficiency, not to mention our timely delivery of assigned tasks.

Link - https://www.geekmyhomework.com