6 Scientifically Proven Foods For Enhanced Brain Functioning

Ever wondered whether the food that you consume on a daily basis has any influence on your brain function? Well, in case you were not aware, it actually does largely affect your overall mental health more than you may have imagined. Even though many people are fully aware that the food they eat determines the physical aspects of the body, scientists have since proven that the same food also largely affects our cognitive functions.

Regardless of whether you are simply looking forward to having your brain function properly during an important exam, or better yet you would simply like to stay focused and clear headed as you continue with your work, paying closest attention to what it is that you eat would definitely work in your favor. More specifically, eating a balanced diet that comprises food items that are rich in nutrients as well as minerals collectively helps in improving cognitive function. As such maintaining such a diet serves as a guarantee to always have the brain in its best shape at all times.

Besides simply having a balanced diet, there are certain food items which have been identified as being able to help you extremely improve your cognitive abilities. Some of the brain foods being talked about are rich in good fats, minerals as well as essential vitamins. Not only do these nutrients provide the body with energy, they equally help offer protection from various brain related diseases. These foods include:


They are considered to be very healthy in spite of the fact that they have a fairly high fat content. The monounsaturated fats crammed within them are crucial in helping keep blood sugar levels under control for a glowing skin. They also comprise of folate as well as vitamin K which are important for memory and also focus. Overally, the avocado is instrumental in improving the overall cognitive function of the brain by significantly boosting memory and concentration.

Black Beans

An excellent choice for brain development, black beans are an inexpensive source of protein comprising of a high level of folate as well as magnesium, all of which collectively have been found to help significantly reduce risk of  Alzheimer’s disease. As a result black beans are able to help improve one’s memory as well as overall brain development. Reports indicate that these beans also help advocate for proper and healthier blood flow throughout the body hence the reason they're sometimes referred to as a super food.

Dark chocolate - A Tasty Antioxidant

Popular opinion is that chocolates are generally bad for your overall health, not all kinds however. Dark chocolates are full of flavanols with anti inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Collectively these two have been found to help with the flow of blood from the heart to the brain. Regardless of the above, it is not advisable that you set out eating any chocolate you come across. Instead restrict yourself to only consuming chocolates with at least 70% of cocoa. Simply put, the darker the chocolate the healthier it stands to be.

Coconut oil

It is by far the most versatile oil presently available. Besides being used in cooking, it also has several uses in beauty and hair treatment. However, there is a certain benefit that very few people are familiar with. This is the fact that coconut oil is extremely beneficial to the brain owing to its extremely high levels of medium chain Triglycerides(MCTs) responsible for helping breakdown ketones.

Keep in mind; ketones are by products which have been found to serve as fuel for brain cells.

In addition to the above, coconut oil also comprises of anti inflammatory properties which have since been found to help suppress inflammation in the cells. In fact, recent studies have also suggested that coconut oils are also beneficial in helping control age related memory loss. To crown it all up, this same oil is able to serve as a pro-biotic that destroys harmful bacteria which may be present within the gut.


Popularly known as an excellent source of vitamin D, reports indicate that deficiency of Vitamin D is one of the main causes for loss of Cognitive abilities. And since eggs are rich in vitamin D their consumption helps significantly improve the brain's cognitive abilities hence the reason they are usually considered very good brain food.

For instance, the egg yolk comprises of significant amounts of chlorine which has been found to be very instrumental in developing the fetal brain especially in pregnant women. 


It is the best vegetable to achieve improved focus and memory. It is ideal for both physical as well as mental health since it is packed with Vitamin K (considered to be the best vitamin not only for focus but also for memory). The most significant benefit of this vegetable is perhaps the fact that its consumption is able to slow down any possible decline of memory or cognitive ability in adults. This vegetable is also rich in vitamin A hence it also has the capacity to reduce inflammation in the cells.


The above mentioned foods are simply some of the top choices when it comes to the best foods to improve memory and concentration. These foods have the capacity to significantly enhance various parts of your brain functions thus unleashing the brains full potential. It is however also very important to understand the fact that the nutrient content in these foods is usually limited hence the reason you should exercise a lot of patience in order to see or notice the desired effects. In the event you are interested in faster results, there is also always the option of settling for supplements of course from trusted sources.