6 Ways to Increase Intellectual Productivity in 2020 (A Guide For College Students)

We all would love to become smarter in order to realize various objectives. Some would love to be smarter in order to produce better software; there are others who would want to be smarter in order to be able to produce better research papers with relative ease while there are those who want to enhance their mental acuity to be able to improve their lives in an age where intellect is valued. Just so you are aware, productivity amongst human beings closely follows a rather commonpower law. This however is a fairly difficult topic to delineate taking into consideration the fact that the metrics of intellectual productivity have for a long time remained controversial.

Question therefore is, how exactly can you optimize your intellectual productivity? The following are a few considerations worth exploring. They include:


Trial and error.

A lot of intellectual work is based entirely on probabilities; constant trial and error. Often a couple of consecutive wins / breakthroughs during the early stages as a result of chance have always served as a source of motivation sparking inspiration to work towards realizing set objectives. On the other hand, repeat failures are commonly associated with a sense of discouragement that pushes one towards completely abandoning leading edge work. Simply put, trial and error and increasing probabilities can bring forth the power law linked to the distribution of productivity.


There must be an individual willingness to take risks that in the end stand to pay off handsomely. The greats have always had a resolve to dive in and take risks but unlike others who quit along the way, they endure and see things through even when they least feel like it.


In life, there are certain people who will always keep draining you without helping you become more productive. Fortunately there are certain others who will always energize you and prompt you to improve your game. In as much as you might consider yourself to be an introvert or even an insular person, you ought to surround yourself with driven individuals, Iron sharpens iron and no man is an island.The right people at the right time can propel you to achieve a lot more than you though possible. 
There are instances in which you might have been working on a particular matter without much progress only to realize several breakthroughs the moment you start partnering with a smarter or equally capable brain. Simply put, the quality of your output stands to be significantly affected by the people that you work with. Associating with people of higher standards would definitely help you raise the bar.

Your initiative to continuously link up with people with whom you share similar goals or even objectives should always be there. Associating with people with who you share compatible goals and interests will help expose you thus increasing your chances of meeting goals and increasing helpful networks that will steer you to realizing your vision.



Be the type of person who pays close attention to what works and what does not. Make it a point to read extensively and find out how some of the great names in your line of interest handled themselves. If it’s a must take time to master strategies such as the dive and conquer. Use every tool at your disposal to tune your approach solely towards achieving optimal intellectual productivity.


It is important that you also get to understand the fact that working seriously a few hours every day has always been found to be more productive compared to doing pseudo-work throughout the day. One of the leading causes of low productivity is always pondering. You can't become optimally productive if you are not action driven.


Single Locus of Focus.

Intellectual work can easily become uninteresting but seemingly some people never seem to get bored. They can engage in narrow complex tasks without ever showing signs of boredom. Being able to produce satisfactory work in a timely fashion is one sure way of slowly optimizing your intellect and this requires focus.
In order to maintain focus, closely and constantly question the relevance of each and every action that you take although in certain instances in order to be more productive you might be forced to keep your head down and forge on. T


It is imperative that you show some level of concern for self to realize optimal productivity. One way of making sure of this is feeling awful whenever a mile stone is missed or completely nothing is achieved. There are certain people who have achieved optimal intellectual productivity owing to their personal fears. Loss aversion has proved to be extremely helpful in pole vaulting individuals to success.
Work towards developing a continuous urge to be productive.