Why Elon Musk’s Neuralink Company Is Simply Genius

Elon MuskAt the moment there's an ongoing debate around the subject of implanting chips into the human brain. As a matter of fact, this issue in itself has elicited a mix of reactions from the general population . Tesla CEO, Elon musk has for a while now been working on developing a human brain-computer interface/link using Neuralink (a telepathy start up).

The prime purpose of Neuralink would be to come up with computer chips which can be planted into the human brain. This would be done with the sole intention of increasing the operational capacity of the human brain.

So what exactly does Elon Musk's new project Neuralink mean for humanity as a whole? Well, Musk for starters is known for his ground breaking ideas in various fields. His latest idea however, might be considered as his most daring yet. Neuralink as it has been named is Elon musk's latest idea that is based on some sort of sci-fi concept. This particular start up is looking forward to linking the human brain directly to computers among other key electronic devices used on daily basis. They are aiming at making this very special connection preferably through cybernetic implants which will allow the mind to interface with programs and other computerized gadgets.

According to Elon musk, we have already been operating as cybernetic organisms. The smart phones we possess have been a form of interface connecting our minds to the digital world and thus this project would server to simply enhance this. The human brain-machine interface is a critical aspect of the future of mankind. This is neuralink's main objective: to establish a practical mind connection. However, in the process of realizing this objective, there are several other factors being considered:

Musk and his team have raised concerns about the impact  Artificial intelligence might have on humanity. Their biggest worry being what would happen in the event that artificial intelligence turns its back on humanity. Then what? Musk is of the idea that we come up with a way to significantly increase our intelligence in order to be able to compete with the super smart artificial intelligence programs that will exist in the not so distant  future.

Close to a year ago, there were reports about Neuralink which were followed by Musk's rumored involvement in the year 2017. What has since followed is Musk has been actively tweeting about the projects.


What does Neuralink mean for humanity should it become practical?

At the moment, there are several very intriguing long term objectives of Neuralink:


A. To Create implants for humans that are surgically inserted into the brain.

As strange as it may sound, this tech might already be existing. This is supported by the fact that, presently several blind patients, patients suffering from neurological and other conditions have implants being used to help them cope. This has been on going with occasionally amazing success. It is however important to note that implants are simply autonomous since people rarely interact with them. As a matter of fact, they don’t even provide additional capabilities. Simply put, Neuralink objectives are quite ambitious.


B. For humans to mentally directly interact with devices around them wirelessly.

Dubbed BCI's (brain - computer interfaces), the closest we have ever gotten to realizing them are with advanced Bionics. They have largely been depended on to help interpret brain signals and consequently allow people to assume control over limited movements for prosthetic legs and even arms. What follows is linking of the tech with implants which besides simply actuating movement, are able to interface with several other types of software externally. In fact, Neuralink admits that they would really love to extend the idea on to wearable devices though for them to realize this, surgery and a series of implants would form a large part of their first steps in that particular direction.  

C. For humans to continuously amass data through the chip.

Neuralink aims to significantly boost human storage as well as individual processing power. This calls for interface technology which we are at the moment nowhere near developing. This however is also the main reason for the existence of Neuralink to bridge this tech gap in as far as realizing and establishing a connection between humans and computers.

D. For humans to receive advanced treatment.

If made practical, this is perhaps the most significant objective of Neuralink: to help provide humans with much more advanced medical care. If made operational, Neuralink would guarantee humans advanced treatment to diseases amongst other things.


At this point you might be asking yourself, is any of this even possible in reality? Well, that is subject to debate just like every other new thing that was once an idea before it was actually fully realized. One thing you should know is that the brain-computer interface tech has over the years been making leaps and bounds to this point even though there is evidently still a ton of uncertainty as to its full potential. Keep in mind, the human brain itself is extremely complex. This is precisely why when it comes to passing thoughts back and forth from software then no one knows what to expect not to mention where to start from. There are those who have completely brushed off Musk's new idea as far-fetched. Only time will tell. Going by Musk's words, the startup is looking to start making moves in the development front particularly in mind link devices within the next several years.

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