Essay Typer: An Honest Critique.

Essay Typer Essay Writing

Technological advancement has disrupted the methods of doing various things in different fields of life. An essential field which technology has impacted massively is essay writing. In the past, before writing an essay, a student had to conduct thorough research, craft an outline, and write the final piece. However, currently, if a student doesn’t want to undertake the above procedures, they can use an EssayTyper to write it for them. This blog offers a critique of this tool by focusing on the various aspects, including:


1) What is EssayTyper?

2) Is EssayTyper legitimate? 

3) How to use Essay Typer Website. 

4) What are the perks of Essay Typing Websites?

5) Concerns about using essay typing services online. (EssayTyper, Essay bot, etc.)

6) Can AI write high-quality essays? 

7) Why essays written by an individual/essayist are superior to those written by AIs (EssayTyper, essay bot, etc.).

8) What is the future of AI essay generators?

9) Do AI essay generators have any value?

10) The significance of the human in-put in the writing process

11) Final Remarks and Key Takeaways.


Essay typer and essay bot

1) What is EssayTyper?

An EssayTyper is a virtual platform that offers composition writing services. When you use this tool, your role is to provide the keywords about the topic, get seated, and wait for the machine to work for you. In other words, you don’t engage your mind in the writing process. Although there are occasions when you can use this tool, the technique may not be the best as it doesn’t expound your writing skills and boost your critical thinking.


That said, EssayTyper is an functional tool that can generate ideas for your essay. You should use it, especially at the stage of gathering ideas for your piece. However, you need to avoid submitting a composition generated by such tools to your lecturer. The articles are of low-quality and lack the academic rigor present in any scholarly writing.


2) Is EssayTyper legitimate? 

The legitimacy of EssayTyper is somewhat moot. However, one can question its processes and procedures. The tool applies a patented mixture of functions and Wikipedia to assist you in writing your composition. For a scholarly piece, Wikipedia sources are not the best as they contain plagiarised information. Quality academic sources acknowledge the sources of their data, which Wikipedia doesn’t do. 


One can also start doubting the legitimacy of EssayTyper because of the caveat that cautions the users of the service never to apply it legitimately. Because of this caveat, a dedicated student who requires high-quality writing may not use this service. Using the tool for pieces to be ranked in class may not be the best. To improve its status, EssayTyper, must work on its code and many other areas.


A serious student who doesn’t have time should consider hiring the services of legitimate essay writing websites such as , , etc. Such websites have professional writers who provide high-quality pieces that are well-cited and referenced.


You should regard this tool just like the others that assist you during the writing process. Use it to generate ideas when handling a challenging subject. You should then use the insights to compose your piece.


Can You Submit  An EssayTyper Generated Piece?

Essay generators assemble pieces of text from multiple sources, including online samples, Wikipedia, and essay databases, as per the keyword you provide. At first sight, the essay may appear well-organized. However, when you go through the piece, you’ll realize that it’s gibberish and doesn’t make sense at all.


The online generated essays of essay typing websites present a perfect case on how not to write an essay. The algorithms and scripts run with any text as per the keywords you apply. The final product comprises of a toxic mixture of rewrites, unacknowledged sources, and copy-pasted matter. A serious student shouldn’t submit this form of essay to their teachers.


The best approach is to rework on the piece generated to ensure that its grammar is sound, has a smooth flow, and plagiarism is removed. Submitting an EssayTyper-created article without reworking on it is a sure way of losing marks. Additionally, your professor is likely to form a negative opinion about you.


How does essay typer work

3)How to use EssayTyper Website?

You can apply this tool to accomplish your essay writing task. The software is simple to apply and has a friendly interface. The whole procedure looks like this:

Open the webpage on your browser and find the term type webpage.
Type the title of your essay and specific keywords-after feeding the tool with this information. The device uses these pieces of information to figure out what your essay is about. The virtual machine then pulls out various parts from Wikipedia, online samples, and other materials.
The online tool collects the above information in a single file and forms the final piece.

Essay Formatting.

Like the way you format your essay, the software uses the same procedure when generating your piece. It adheres to the same formatting and frameworks that you apply when you’re writing the essay. If you’re in a hurry, you can use this software to save time.


Copying the essay from EssayTyper.

Although using the EssayTyper is a bad idea, there are situations when some students may use the tool anyway. The machine is helpful when you have got a complex topic, and you’re in darkness on what the subject entails. In this case, you can use the essay generator tool to offer you ideas that you can apply in crafting the piece. What you should avoid is submitting the generated essay, which may be full of plagiarism.


However, in case you lack options for coming up with your own essay, you may still adopt the generated piece. When you opt to use the online created article, use the following instructions to copy it from the EssayTyper:


Highlight the text that you intend to apply on your piece-you can either copy a part of the essay or the entire piece.
Right click- after highlighting the text you want to use, right-click and go to ‘Inspect’ and click it. You’ll see the developer’s window.
Apply the developer’s console- double click the highlighted text.
Right-click the text, followed by clicking the ‘copy.’ Select the ‘copy element’ and finish.
Paste the copied piece to the MS Word document.

4) What are the perks of Essay Typing Websites?

There are various strengths of using virtual essay generators. These are highlighted and explained below:


Faster generation of tasks. 

In case you don’t have enough time to write your essay, the EssayTyper can work on your topic fast and generator the article for you. Although pieces generated through this EssayTyper tool contain plagiarized information, you can use it as a form of last resort when you don’t have enough time. Furthermore, the device can offer you insights when handling a challenging topic with no sufficient time to accomplish it.


User-friendly interface.

EssayTyper is simple to use, and you don’t waste time figuring out how to apply it. Due to its simplicity of application, you key in relevant topics and keywords, and within a short time, your piece is generated. All kinds of individuals can use the tool regardless of their education status.


It generates various kinds of topics.

Regardless of your field of study, the virtual essay generator tool can work on your piece. In case you’re jittery, whether the essaytyping machine can work on your topic, worry no more because the EssayTyper software can work virtually on any topic.


Helpful for essay writers who are stuck.

In case you’re given a complicated essay topic, you may get worried about how to write it. The online essay generators can help you if you’re stuck when handling a sophisticated issue. By typing your topic and providing keywords, the tool can generate content which can assist you with insights on how to handle the problem.


Because a complicated essay can really stress you, the application of a virtual essay typing tool reduces some of your anxiety. You clearly get focused on your essay writing with minimal worry.


No need for downloading additional software.

When you’re using this EssayTyper tool, there is no need to download any other essay generation software because you can use it virtually. This saves you time.


It’s Free .

In case you don’t have enough money to hire essay writers from to assist you, you can use EssayTyper. The essaytyping tool is free and can generate essay content within a short time. What you should note, however, is that the quality of the essay produced is low.


Extracts from different sources may add insights to your topic.

The EssayTyper tool combs through Wikipedia, essay samples, and other sources to pick facts and shreds of evidence relevant to your problem. You can be inspired by these extracts as you craft your essay.

Can assist you in determining the correct formatting style.

In case you’re not sure about the formatting style to adopt, you can find hints through this essay typing software. The EssayTyper tool can assist you in understanding the best referencing and citation styles to use.


Spelling and Grammatical Errors.

EssayTyper provides content that is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. This may save you money that you would use to hire proofreaders and editors.


Safety of EssayTyper.

The EssayTyper tool is safe because you don’t create an account where you provide various kinds of personal information, including your name, payment mode, or your e-mail address. The procedure of using Essay Typer is just to open the site and type the topic of your essay.


Essay typer

5) Concerns about using essay typing services online.

In spite of the various perks of EssayTyper, the essay typing tool has multiple downsides, as explained below:


Reputation issues.

If you submit an online generated essay from EssayTyper, you risk damaging your reputation because of tendering plagiarized information. In addition to lowering your score, you may also face disciplinary action. All academic work must well be cited and referenced because sources must be acknowledged.


Issues of quality and plagiarism.

Online essay generators pick phrases, sentences, and paragraphs from specific sources to generator an essay. While they fail to acknowledge the sources, the materials are poorly framed and lack coherence. Due to poor flow and logic, EssayTyper produces substandard pieces that should not be submitted for grading.


No support services.

The essay typing tool lacks any support services. If you come across an issue while using it, nobody will resolve it.


Use of Wikipedia sources.

The EssayTyper tool uses sources from Wikipedia while generating your essay. Wikipedia source is not credible as it doesn’t acknowledge its origins, and it’s not peer-reviewed.


It discourages critical thinking.

While using this essaytyping tool, the student’s analytical thinking abilities are impaired. Students excel and expand their knowledge base when they write their essays. In case they don’t have time, it’s essential to hire professional essay writers eg. from who can deliver superior content.


Limited sources of information.

Because EssayTyper depends on Wikipedia sources, it limits the sources that you should use when writing your paper. A well-researched paper must refer to a variety of sources that are credible in that field of study. Depending on Wikipedia sources only, renders your piece non-credible and narrow. You should also understand that Wikipedia sources are regarded as incredible in most institutions.



Occasionally, EssayTyper may offer you information that is not linked to the topic. In case you tender such a piece for grading, you will most definitely get a low mark.



Before submitting the essay, you may need to take the time to go through the piece and check its flow and coherence. In most cases, you may take a lot of time editing and proofreading the essay. You may waste time through this procedure.


May not write the whole piece as anticipated.

Sometimes the tool may not deliver the entire essay but offer part of it. If your aim was to have the entire content generated by EssayTyper, you might feel let down. What many don’t understand is that this essay typing tool is purposed to simply give you direction on how to write your essay.



If you start using EssayTyper regularly, you may get addicted to it, and end up impairing your education. This essay typing apparatus may kill your reading morale in the long run.


6) Can AI write high-quality essays? 

Virtual Essay Writing AIs such as EssayTyper and Essaybot, generate their pieces through specific functions. The algorithms assist them in going through the net, finding out various materials similar to your topic, and putting them together to produce the final piece. 


Although the inventors of these essay typing tools claim that they’re capable of producing superior content, you may doubt their assertion if you go through the materials the virtual essay writing tools provide. The softwares produce poor-quality content that cannot meet the standards of a scholarly piece.


The poor quality of the essay pieces produced by these AIs emanates from the fact that they use algorithms that lack knowledge and skills on a specific topic. The essays written by experienced professionals are far better than the pieces of AIs.


What you should also note about these essay typing tools is that they’re free. High-quality software is costly and can’t be offered freely. What warrants these tools to be given freely is the low-quality of essays they generate. 

These essay typing tools crawl through the internet and choose relevant information to your topic, which they package as an essay. 


Yet, another crucial aspect that should bother you about AI Essay Writing programs is the lack of credibility. The programs don’t cite or reference their sources, an element that many serious scholars may not take kindly to. One of the distinguishing features of academic essays is that their origins are cited and referenced. The fact that these programs don’t acknowledge their sources makes them lack credibility.


Additionally, AIs mostly depend on Wikipedia sources. Wikipedia has credibility issues, and many scholars are discouraged from using it. The site doesn’t acknowledge its origins, and most of its articles are not peer-reviewed.


Again, AI Essay Writing programs don’t offer a critical analysis of the evidence and facts that they use. They just put materials together without any crucial comment about them. 


From the foregoing, you can see that these tools are not the best to use while writing your essays. They need to improve their code and avoid depending on Wikipedia sources only.


Best solutions to writing Amazing Essays.

The AI essay typing programs cannot be relied on to produce high-quality content. If you rely on them, they may damage your academic life. They put together content that is incoherent and, in some instances, doesn’t make sense at all. Submitting such material to your lecturer may not only lower your mark but ruin your reputation as well.


In case you don’t have time to write your essay, the best option is to hire an essay writing professional from  who can write the piece on your behalf. There are numerous websites that offer essay writing services such as , , and yours truly . Some of the services that these essay writing websites offer include research, writing of the outline, selecting a title, writing a thesis, and term papers.


Another advantage of using such essay writing websites is that they produce original content that is free of plagiarism.


7) Why essays written by an individual/essayist are superior to those written by AIs. 

Online essay writing tools have multiple downsides. These include poor-quality pieces, issues of plagiarism, lack of coherence, and others. You can overcome these challenges by selecting essays written by professionals. The articles written by professional essayists are superior and way above those produced by online writing tools. There are various reasons why articles written by individual essayists are outstanding. They are as follows:


The essay services are readily available and affordable.

Nowadays, there are multiple websites that offer essay writing services although only a handful are credible and reliable such as which has many professionals who write essays that meet the expectations and requirements of clients. They offer their services at reasonable prices to accommodate various clients. Therefore, instead of using AI Essay typing tools, it’s better to hire a professional geek who guarantees you high-quality services.

Professional essayists have knowledge and skills of delivering a well-structured essay.

Composing essays is a mind-boggling task that may stress you if you’re not proficient. Furthermore, you may also have some additional responsibilities to attend to, meaning that you may not have enough time to start thinking about the best way to compose your essay. If you find yourself in this circumstances, you shouldn’t keep worrying because you can hire a professional essayist to deliver the task on your behalf. Professional essayists understand how to format your piece and use a style that is appropriate for you. The AIs Essay typing services, on the other hand, use algorithms and may not structure your essays adequately to meet your demands.


Completion of high-quality tasks on time.

The online essay typing generators deliver their essay pieces within a short time. However, the quality of work that they churn out is below par and may deny you a good mark. Professional essay writers, on the other hand, take time to conduct research on your essay topic, write an outline, and draft the final piece. Although these steps may take some time to accomplish, you’re assured of getting your task on time. Professional essayists are conscious of time and deliver your essay within the set timelines. Because of the top-notch quality piece, you’re likely to get an excellent mark if you hire the services of a professional essay writer.


They factor in all the requirements articulated by your professor.

Because of your multiple engagements, you may not comprehend your essay’s prompt. However, professional essayists can go through the prompt, understand it, and deliver a piece that meets your professor’s requirements. The AIs Essay Typing tools are not in a position to read the prompt and understand what your professor requires. They just churn out poor content as per your topic. These essay typing tools don’t personalize your essay to meet its unique needs and requirements.


No issues of plagiarism.

Unlike the EssayTyper that generates plagiarized information, essays crafted by professional essay writers are plagiarism-free. The professionals use state-of-the-art tools to check any plagiarism in the piece. The tool checks different kinds of plagiarism, such as accidental plagiarism and patchwork plagiarism. The professionals’ main intention is to offer clients original content that meets their professor’s requirement.


Variety of credible sources.

Professionals conduct thorough research and consult a variety of authoritative sources while writing your essay piece. EssayTyper, on the other hand, only depends on Wikipedia sources, which are non-credible for serious academic writing. The multiple sources that professional essayists consult offer your essay credibility and an authoritative voice.


Essayist ensure the coherence of your piece.

One of the weaknesses of online essay generators is producing articles that lack consistency and logical organization. Imagine the reaction of your professor after going through such a piece! They can form a poor impression about you and award you a deficient score. 


Professional essay writers, on the other hand, organize your essay piece probably from the start to the conclusion. The essay has an introduction that has the thesis statement, the hook, and background information. The article also has well-built paragraphs that focus on the points of the thesis statement. Finally, the essay piece has an end that summarizes the thesis statement and the critical points in the body of the essay.


24 Hour support.

Unlike the online essay generators that don’t have any support, the professional essay writing services offer their clients 24-hour support services. You can get in touch any moment to inquire about the progress of your essay piece. In case you’ve any issue with the written content, you can call them any time and resolve it. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the essay they wrote, you can demand a refund.


8) What is the future of AI essay generators?

Producing a high-quality essay is not a walk in the park. The essay writer needs to prepare thoroughly before crafting the piece. There are specific steps that essay writers employ to enable them to produce a high-quality essay. For instance, a professional essayist must conduct some background research and craft an outline for the article before writing the final piece. But, this is not the sutuation with virtual essay typing websites. You just key in the topic and some keywords, and within a short time, you have your essay piece. 


A significant problem with online essay typing websites is the quality of the pieces they produce. The essay generators use algorithms to comb through the internet and cobble bits from Wikipedia that are relevant to your topic. At a glance, the essay piece generated may look good, but when you start delving in-depth, you realize that the essay is not worth your attention. The online essay typing websites produce horrible pieces that you should not submit to your professor if you’re interested in getting a good grade. You may realize that their articles are not coherent, sometimes they come up with contradicting statements, and the content requires thorough editing.


One of the crucial attributes of an excellent academic essay is citing information sources. The online generators don’t quote or reference their sources. This makes the essay lack academic rigor, and such a piece can’t pass muster in the eyes of your professor.


The future of online essay generators is bleak unless they improve their code. In case you lack time to draft your piece, the best approach is to hire a professional essay writer who can produce a high-quality piece. 


9) Do AI essay generators have any value?

While you should not rely on these essay typing softwares to write your essay for you, you can use them to generate ideas, especially when handling a challenging topic. In this regard, you should use the AI essay typing websites as part of learning tools. For instance, you can apply them to generate ideas for your essay, especially when handling a challenging topic. The best part about these tools is that they’re free and simple to use. 


If you want to use the draft generated by the online essay generators, it’s essential to work on it first before submitting it to your professor. You need to tweak the essay piece for coherence and ensure that it’s grammatically sound by using other online tools. 



10) The Significance of the Human In-put in the writing process.

AI essay typing tools lack the ability to have a deep understanding of the subject. You’re the one to feed them with the relevant keywords to produce close to what you want. However, never trust the AI essay typer tool to generate a quality paper. 


The foundation of any high-quality essay depends on how one crafts a thesis statement and supports the claims through the body. The AI essay typing tools cannot produce an essay piece with a top-notch thesis statement whose claims are well-defended in the body using multiple facts and evidence from various sources. Furthermore, AI essay typing tools lack the ability to refute or generate opposing points in an organized manner.


11) Final Remarks and Key Takeaways. 

Academic facets, particularly essay writing, have seen multiple technologies that can assist students in the process of drafting their essay pieces. The latest controversial technology in this field is the online essay typers. The inventors of these tools argue that they produce ‘high-quality’ articles comparable to those crafted by human beings. However, a close look at the essay pieces that these essay typing tools create leaves a lot to be desired. Their essays are full of plagiarism, lack academic rigor, and display incoherence.


The above-mentioned issues, however, don’t imply that the EssayTypers are useless inventions that should be discarded. Essay writers can use these essay typing tools when doing some research on their topics. What the essay writers should avoid is submitting the essays generated by these essay typing tools to professors. Other lessons that you can derive from this post is that:

The superiority of human beings in article writing-though some students submit pieces generated by AI essay writers, the quality of reports produced through this method is low. You’re likely to lose marks if you use EssayTyper made pieces. The best tactic is to hire a professional essay writer or geek to deliver for you the task if you lack the time. The essayists understand how to organize the job well in line with the essay prompt.
Use EssayTyper as part of your research tools-when you’re doing your research on a particular topic; you can use essay generators to assist you in getting ideas about a specific topic. Just like tools you use when checking plagiarism and grammar, EssayTypers are legit and can help you during your research.