How To Become A Memory Master and Ace College in 2020

The memory palace is by far one of the most powerful memory techniques. What makes it very powerful and efficient is the fact that not only is it very effective, it is also a lot of fun to implement. This memory technique to be is largely based on the fact that we are usually extremely good at recalling places we frequent.

The phrase memory palace is therefore used as a metaphor in reference to any well known place that you or any other person thinking of applying this memory technique can easily recall/visualize. The memory palace can either be the inside of your home, a specific route that you take home every day to or from work etc. bottom line is, the memory palace would serve as your guide to store and recall any kind of information you might need to recall later on.

Below is an Overview of exactly how to become a memory master by building an effective memory palace:

A. Identifying/choosing your palace.

It is very important that you pick a place that you are extremely familiar with since the effectiveness of this particular technique squarely lies on this simple fact (and in particular your personal ability to walk through and mentally see or better yet walk around your memory palace with ease). Simply put, you should be able to be there (in the memory palace) and go through using nothing but your mind’s eye alone. A perfect first choice for a memory palace would be your own home.

In the process of creating your memory palace, it is strongly advised that you try as much as possible and define a specific route instead of simply just visualizing a static scene. Doing so will make the technique’s implementation much more powerful since by doing so you will be able to recall items in an orderly manner. Other additional suggestions which stand to serve well as memory palaces include:

Familiar streets in your home city.
The set up of your current or former school.
Work place set up.

B. List distinctive features.  

Upon successfully identifying or creating your most ideal memory palace; the next step is listing any and all distinctive features. For instance, in the event that you settled for your home as the memory palace, the first distinct feature you would need to point out is the front door. Next, point out what exactly is in the first room analysing each methodically. Pay close attention to features which attract your attention such as tables set in the dining area or pictures hanging on the walls. Proceed with the same trend making notes of each feature in the process since they are what will represent various memory slots that you would use to retrieve information later on.

C. Imprinting the memory palace in your mind.

For you to successfully implement this technique, it is imperative that you have the palace deeply imprinted in your mind. As a matter of fact, do whatever is necessary to have the memory palace in your thoughts. To help you achieve this consider:

Physically walking through the palace while in the process repeating out loud key distinct features as you come across them.
Writing down the selected features on paper and mentally trying to walkthrough while repeating them out loud.
Each time keep looking at the features from the same exact point of view.

Keep in mind, visualization is simply a skill. This means, in case you are experiencing any trouble visualizing then you should focus more on sharpening your visualization skills first. The moment you feel convinced that you have the route properly stamped in your mind is the moment that marks the start of you using the palace over and over to memorize anything you feel like.

D. Associate.

This is the phase in which you start putting your palace to good use. As far as association is concerned, it is strongly advised that when associating your palace with some important information you should try as much as possible to make the scene as unique as possible preferably using events that could easily occur in real life. Remember if your association ends up as being boring then it is entirely wrong and you should come up with a new association as soon as possible.

E. Visit your palace.

This is the final stage/phase in the implementation of this technique. In case it is your first time implementing this technique then it is strongly advised that you engage in some form of rehearsal, making sure that you repeat the entire palace journey at least once in your mind. Good thing is each time you start off from the same exact point and follow the same exact route; all the memorized items will instantly come to your mind. Judging by the guidelines above, it is clearly evident that what matters is simply being able to properly develop your visualization skills. Remember the more relaxed you make yourself the more effective the technique would turn out to be throughout its use as far as memorization is concerned.

Final Thoughts

From the above, it is clearly evident that besides having proven to be extremely effective in retrieving memory, the memory palace technique is equally fun to learn and apply. You will be happy to learn that with some experience, all the lists that you would be working towards memorizing would remain fresh in your mind for several weeks or even more. Take note, you can create as many palaces as you want and in the process make them as elaborate or simple as you wish. Consider each as meant to serve you as a memory bank readily available for use in helping you memorize anything whenever the need arises. According to reports, being able to successfully associate physical locations with mental concepts is by far one of the most powerful combinations presently available. As a matter of fact many other memory techniques are in one way or another partly based on the concept of having physical locations serving as memory pages.