Study Secrets by Jim Kwik. (How To Ace Your College Exams in 2020)

Jim KwikSo what exactly is the best way to study? Well, this is a question that has been baffling those in the academia for a very long time. Jim Kwik, the reknowned learning expert came up with study secrets which are proven approaches to studying that so far have turned out to be extremely effective for those who have applied them.

These study secrets by Jim kwik not only help significantly to cut down study time, they also guarantee better results. Simply put, regardless of whether you are a student in school or just going through life, make it a point to study various aspects of school or general life using the following simple, effective and enjoyable speed techniques:

A. 4 key things to stop in order to effectively learn.


i. Stop Multitasking

Just so you are aware, multi-tasking is purely a myth. Instead task switching not only makes more sense, it’s equally more accurate. You might have convinced yourself that you are doing a couple of tasks at the same time however in real sense what you are basically doing is switching between various tasks.

Just so you know, switching between tasks usually takes more time, is way less productive and above all else it results in more errors. All of these shortfalls are attributed to the fact that each time you make a switch, you require about 5 to 20 mins in order to regain focus and flow for that particular task in question.

Besides, recent studies have suggested that multi-tasking or switching between tasks is able to lower your IQ down by 15 points which is no different from that of someone who stayed up the entire night.

ii. Get Rid of Distractions

Maintain focus by restricting use of your mobile device, you can turn it off, switch it to airplane mode or better yet move it into a completely different room. In addition to the above, take advantage of apps that help restrict distracting and unnecessary websites.

iii. Refrain from cramming any new stuff/ideas or information you are having a tough time understanding.

It is very common for people who study frequently to pull an all-nighter once in a while. This impairs understanding of concepts read. The mind needs rest, sleep is very important to consolidate short and long term memory. It's also very important to take short breaks in the course of your study sessions bearing in mind the fact that your attention and retention rates diminish just after about 25 mins

Taking breaks is also very important since it will help you take full advantage of 2 very important principles of memory ie primacy and recency. 

iv. Stop akrasia.

Akrasia simply refers to a state of acting or going against your own judgment. In order to manage this, focus more on the 20% that you know to be essential as it gives you 80% of the rewards. Engage in the things you seriously need to do but seem to holding off.

B. 4 Key things you need to engage yourself in to effectively learn.


i. Continuously Practice Active Recall.

In the process of going through book chapters, you are likely to deceive yourself that you can easily recall certain facts while in real sense you can only recognize it.

Recognition usually requires a trigger which one doesn't have when undertaking a test. Recall however happens without a trigger. To actively recall, get rid of the book you were going through, try quizzing yourself and reciting all crucial bits of information you are able to remember.

ii. Do Spaced Repetition.

Space up your study sessions. Doing this is very important since it would shift important short term information into long term information section. The best thing to do is to start by reviewing the ideas or information in question a day later, preferably a week later and hopefully even several days later.

Spacing out your studying into intervals helps you take the information from short to long-term memory.

iii. Using Your Sense of Smell. 

It has been proven that your environment can easily get anchored to the information which you are learning. It is because of this that it is strongly advised that you study where you will be taking the exam though making this possible in some instances is not possible. That being the case, it is advised that you take the environment with you. Always remember, your smell is connected to your memory in such a powerful way hence always feel free to take advantage of that very same connection.

iv. Listen to Music.

Recent research findings indicate that playing music (not limited to classical music) is able to help tune the mind and further help you make predictions besides expanding your attention span. For instance, listening to 60 BPM music is able to harmonize your heart's resting rate. More specifically, music has been found to help put the brainwaves into alpha state meaning you will remain relaxed and fully aware about the happenings around you at all times. In addition to the above, music also helps significantly improve your mood and outlook.

Final thoughts.

Studying for a very long time has been misconstrued to be extremely complex which isn't really the case. As long as you are looking to study and master more, feel free to try out the above mentioned study secrets by Jim kwik. This is a sure way to sharpen your memory and above all else be able to spend less time mastering a few basic ideas or information. Remember, the secret to realizing the full potential of your mind when studying is to take short breaks in between so as to allow for the consolidation of short term and long term memory.