Study Smart Study Less in 2020

In case you have been struggling with memorizing things and would love to once again assume control of your memory and remember a few more things if not everything, then you should seriously consider taking advantage of memory improvement tools. These tools are by far the best fit for the simple fact that they have not only been proven to help memorize and recall important information but also help keep that information in mind for longer periods of time. The implementation of these techniques too is very simple. For instance, by simply creating a story in mind you can be able to remember a list of different objects, faces, dates and even names to mention the least.


The following is a summary of some of the effective memory techniques that will definitely help you remember any information you need especially as a student pursuing higher learning:


A. The Link System.

It is considered to be the easiest technique to implement as far as achieving effective memory is concerned. It is the best technique for remembering objects. A perfect example would be when creating a shopping list, the technique would require you to include the items you are thinking of purchasing in story and interact with them. It is in doing so that you would be able to remember the items in question much better and in the desired order.


B. The Rhyme System.

It is another very easy to use technique. Just as the name suggests, the technique would require you to come up with a story or better yet a poem that rhymes. More specifically, your choice of words would need to rhyme with the information which you would like to remember. This technique also works very well with numbers especially when you convert them into words that sound similar and create a story off them for instance zero – hero.


C. The Number Shape Technique.

This technique too is fairly simple. It simply requires that you convert numbers into items that resemble them. After this you proceed to create a story using the same numbered items and in doing this you'll be able to remember the item numbers in any order.


D. The Method of Loci.

First off, the phrase loci comes from the Latin word Locus which basically means place. This particular technique is commonly referred to as the memory palace. Just so you know several memory champions have previously employed the loci method. Best thing about this technique is the fact that you do not need to be a genius in order to implement the technique. It's also occasionally referred to as the mental walk. Different people use the technique to try and remember a myriad of different things.


For instance there are those who prefer this technique to try and remember dates, some, faces while others depend on it to try and recall lists. Question is,how exactly does this technique work?


In order to understand how this technique works, you would first off need to carefully choose a memory palace. This can either be in the house you currently live in, the city you live in or better yet simply an item. The only important thing when choosing the memory palace is that it should be something that you know by heart. Make sure that you are able to imagine the rooms and other items in the place clearly as you will be depending on them to remember crucial pieces of information when you go down that memory lane. If possible, come up with a route that would take you through into your home and another to take you through the rooms. In order to make the best of this strategy, ensure that you visualize as much as you can.


By now, you must have realized that this technique depends on associating information which you may be interested in recalling with a particular room in your chosen memory palace. For instance, are you looking forward to memorizing a shopping list? First off visualize the item that tops your list in the room. Proceed to visualize a bag of beans adding action and emotions to the visualization as these would help make it very easy to remember. Make sure that you add something to that mental image that makes it extremely easy to remember. A perfect example of an emotion that would help you remember is visualizing a frustrated you trying to open the bag without success. Now that is a scene you definitely would remember.


Once you have this imagined in mind, proceed to place the items which you wish to remember in the different relevant or desired rooms. The item that comes second on your list would definitely go into the second room in your mental palace. While taking all the above into consideration,  you should know that the key to getting this memory technique to serve you properly is to make sure that you always have a clear visual image of all the items and above all else you know the memory palace by heart. Remember, you will however need to come up with your own actions as well as emotions in order to be able to store the information you want to remember later on. So practice implementing this technique as you might require up to 52 different locations in certain instances.


E. The Roman Room System.

This particular system is considered to be slightly difficult to implement when compared to the others already mentioned above. The only thing which makes it a tough choice when it comes to implementation is the fact that it requires that you know exactly the room which you are visualizing. Best thing about it, is the fact that upon completion of the visualization when the time to finally remember comes, you would simply need to go through it in order to recall everything you needed memorized.


So there you have it, a summary of some of the most effective memory techniques which have since proven to be extremely reliable for anyone looking to improve their memory and remember things differently moving forward. Keep in mind, applying the above mentioned techniques in your studies definitely serves as a guarantee to study smart and study less too.